Of course, I had to have my input on this wikileaks.com stuff that is going on. Am I surprised by the info leaked. Not really. Could it threaten US interests and even lives? Possibly. Does it make good fodder for snarky comic strips? Definitely.


>Eleven is Too High

For those of you that do not know much about the movie Spinal Tap, it is a mockumentary about the struggles of a rock group. Anyway, one of the classic quotes from it refers to the fact that one of their members has an amplifier that goes up to 11 (most only go up to 10).

Of course, the comic strip itself has obvious ties to the fear of radiation from backscatter machines.

>Wild Turkey

This one started from looking for a comic idea around turkey. Sure, I could have gone the usual “I say turkey but I’m not talking about you” type of theme. However, once I thought of Wild Turkey, I challenged myself to create a cartoon around that confusion. I could not find another way to misspeak or misinterpret alcohol, so I had to misunderstand booze. And the dressing comment was originally “Will there be dressing? No, I’ll probably sit around in my underwear.” I had to look up the type of liquor it was and the alcohol percentage. I did know I wanted to end with the “100%” comment.