>Cool Hand Luke PM

Of course, the fifty ‘X’ comment takes off on Luke saying he can eat 50 eggs in the movie. Does he do it? You’ll have to go back and watch it. This movie was chosen because of the ‘failure to communicate’ line. What better negative comment can be levied against a project manager?

I tried to find a way to have the PM say he felt like a ‘new man’ as a way to tie in Paul Newman’s name, but it did not work. I did add in the phrase ‘cool hand, Luke,’ so that will have to do.


>Ricky Ricardo PM

The trick with pointing your readers to your punch line is twofold. First, don’t get them there too early. That has sometimes forced me to change what the final punchline was. Second, they need to buy into the premise. So, for Ricky Ricardo, I needed at least one phrase that was uniquely his. I knew I wanted either “Lucy, I’m home” or “Lucy, you got some ‘splaining to do.” Once I found the phrases, I had to either name a specific character (which I do not like to do) or use something that sounded like the name. Then, when I thought of loose-y, I knew what my final panel would be. Then, I established that Ricky was in “show business” and added the final “Waaah” of Lucy Ricardo.

>Dirty Harry PM

Today’s strip build on the famous name PM series I started last week. I had to look up some quotes to add verisimilitude (good word, huh?) to the cartoon. In the final panel, I decided to mention documents instead of bullets for the quote to be closer to the original. I also adjusted the cartoon so that I used characters of different colors than my normal Mr. Blue and Mr. Green.

>Obi Wan PM

I was trying to come up with some new ideas this morning for Clarity of Vision. This one came to me as I considered what could be funny about the project reviews we are performing now. What if we could wave away the auditor using the Force? So, the trick Obi Wan pulled on Alderaan would be very useful. That led to a few more ideas from other movies that will be coming up soon.


Let’s take a look at the creation process for today’s cartoon. My original note says “eat something with relish. a banana split with relish sounds horrible.” OK, so I knew that I wanted to play with the word relish and compare/contrast between its meanings. However, the concept did not feel right for a four panel strip. So, since I do have a birthday party on Saturday, I decided to use that theme for my wordplay. I also wanted to be sure everyone knew what the definitions were, so I added an explanation in panel four. Once I did that, I knew Mr. Blue would say “relish relish.” That led to Mr. Green’s common sorry-I-mentioned-this type final response.

And that’s how I get to my completed concept.