>Rebuild That Server

I had a different strip planned for today. I thought of it last night, but then could not remember this morning. So instead, I pulled one from my backlog file. By the time I decided what I wanted the minor characters to say, this turned into a total geekfest cartoon. The trickiest part was finding the last geek insult that would be worse for a hardware developer than running on a slow CPU.


>Donkey Bomb

I almost did not publish today’s Clarity of Vision. I only justified it to myself by the fact that a$$ refers to the donkey and nothing else. I saw this in yesterday’s AP news and the comment immediately jumped into my head. Now I will start watching for other real news stories that can be easily lampooned.

>Retro TV

Now I think anyone might have guessed where a strip called Retro TV might go. The name just makes me wonder what would happen if it go makes us mentally revert to a “simpler” day and time. Then, I had to remember the shows my kids watched and what would happen if an adult were a kid (or infant) again.

>All Projects Green

Even as I am publishing this, i am going back and forth over one other idea I had planned to include. The primary joke here is that management can make what we feel are unreasonable demands that seem to defy logic. From the 50,000 foot level, it does seem as if we could work with team members and get all delayed projects to catch back up to the original due dates. However, team interaction and delay reasons are usually complex and not easily corrected.

My original notes for this said we could make projects green by bribing the team that generates the reports. I almost used that in panel 3. However, then I am proposing two silly options to achieve the management goal instead of one real option and one silly.

>Bus Trip

No, this is not about my personal political leanings or opinions. It was a comment on giving back to the California cities that are boycotting AZ. Let’s have them put their public money where their political mouth is. It is also a play on what the signs say vs what the bus says.