>Tempe Triathlon 2010

Recently, one of three rubber bladders acting as a dam to create Tempe Town Lake burst. They have been in place for 10 years, but were expected to last 30. Now, the blame and correction activities are underway. I cannot imagine that the fall triathlon can continue without a lake for the swimming portion. What if the ensuing political battle became the events for the triathlon? That is the premise of today’s cartoon.


>CSPAN and Food Network

Do you remember that MAD magazine used to have a feature where they showed someone clicking through TV channels and the ideas seemed related? This is my update on that, where someone clicks between CSPAN for political news and The Food Network for cooking shows.

>Who We Are

Today’s strip started with the first panel as the idea. Having a leader talk about company ideals and those listening misinterpreting the comments. The third panel was the next statement. Then, I thought of the other two panels and decided which one would provide an interpretation that they might actually like.