That’s Messed Up

That's Messed Up

I do like to chase down homonyms. Here, I started with the name Rex, since he sits in a cubicle right next to mine.


That’s One Tasty Tip

That's One Tasty Tip

The next comic in the lesson learned project. And again, the repeated punchline from the previous comic. This is also a good time to share that I am quite careful in naming the comic strips. I do not want to tip you about the twist in the final panel, but I do want it to have some relevance to the topic being explored. This one ties to the food the boss used to bribe meeting participants.



You know, of course, that WFH is the new name for Working From Home. And I hope you know that TMI is Too Much Information. So the title of the comic is about our working styles when we are not in the office (or as is implied in the second panel, unfortunately brought into the office).