>Business Realignments

Sure, the previous reorg for the company is over, but there are some changes that must be made. The internal politics of a company always demand tweaks in who does what and who reports to whom. Let the games begin. Our company is fairly stable, but there are always staff realignments, even after the “big” reorg completes.


>Twenty Second Update

While this may be presented as a cartoon, you can tell from the fact that I use standard Visio characters that I am not artist nor even a cartoonist. Rather, it is a convenient means to showcase my thoughts about things…usually related to words. Today is no exception.

I thought about the different ways the phrase twenty second update could be interpreted. Today’s CoV covered the misunderstanding possible.

>Sugar Bombs

I woke up with no ideas for today’s comic strip, but I was thinking about which metrics I wanted to generate for a daily meeting. I realized my mind was jumping too quickly between ideas and thought that maybe I should go light on sugar for breakfast. Once I decided that could work for CoV, I actually used some of the metrics charts as part of the theme for today.