>Revenue Project

I did not have any new ideas today, so this cartoon was pulled from my idea log for CoV. Of course, I do think that project leaders can do more than simply repeat what the customers were saying, but then, it is not as funny.


>Broken Arms

Watching my wife typing on the computer with only one hand last night made me consider how badly a person could be hurt and still be able to use a computer. So, if both arms are broken and maybe only 2-3 fingers of each hand were free, could you still type? After all, you can only watch so much The Price Is Right.

>It’s VD

I have referred to today as VD for as long as I can remember. Now, you, too, can share in my sad imagination and remember those singles that fret about VD. By the way, I did read that this day does have the highest suicide rate among singles.

>Disney Magic Chart

Growing up in Texas, we would often go to Six Flags in Arlington. Family trips and church youth group trips were most common. Living in AZ means Disneyland is closer. So, is the Magic Kingdom the “be all and end all?” I think it is filtered through whatever matters at our age. Still, I like it enough to have purchased an annual pass. And the names in the quotes are related to family members.

>Systems at the Speed of Need

For some weird reason, the titular phrase came to mind before I knew what I wanted it to mean. As I wrote the cartoon, I had the first three panels done and was working on the fourth when I decided I needed another panel. So, I moved the final comment of panel 2 into place of the final comment of panel 1. Then, I deleted panel 2, moved panel 3 to 2 and panel 4 into 3 and created the new final panel. Ah, the crazy life of a creative genius.

>Offering for Poor

I really do not have a story as to the genesis of this cartoon. I just decided it might be funny. In fact, the only change I made once I had the idea was to insert additional congregational comments after the pastor made his announcement. I thought it might be cute to have a bunch of people removing money instead of adding money to the plate.