>I Gotta Learn to Draw

These cartoons are created using standard Visio images, so I always have to tweak my ideas to present them using one or more guys talking with a minimal of supporting images. So, I used their computer image, drew an oval for a mouse, and displayed the text image on the screen in the final panel. Yes, it still gets my message across, but I might have presented it a bit differently if I drew everything. Oh well. For now, that is a pipe dream.

This is obviously a take-off on Little Miss Muffet (LMM). I wanted to keep the meter the same and also use the same rhyming scheme of AABBA. That meant not using the same ending sounds as the original. Where did this one start? I thought about the spider that scared LMM and wondered what would scare a programmer-type? What if their mouse stopped working? So, panel two was first, and then I just lined up my rhymes.


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